ECO recycling technologies

JSC Elektronikos Perdirbimo Technologijos (“Electronics Treatment Technologies” ) was founded in 2016. It is a R&D SME that is focused on the elaboration of eco-friendly technologies for leaching and recovery of metals from the electronic waste. Our team of experts will always help you to choose the right technology or will adapt it to your individual needs.

From e-waste to designed technology

We offer a full range of services from determination of e-waste chemical composition to the development of the precise technology designed to recycle with high efficiency the electronic scrap.


We have worked successfully implemented following projects:

– Design of innovative technological system for WEEE treatment (J-05-LVPA-K-01-0022), funded by Lithuanian Business Support Agency.

– SMARTELECTRODES, funded by H2020 under MSCA RISE Call (2018-2022) https://www.smartelectrodes.eu/

The experience accumulated by our company will become your competitive advantage in both Lithuanian and foreign markets/projects.



The developed science-based technologies will ensure only the highest quality of products and services.



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